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Hospitality: It takes guts

Are we up to the challenge?

Let's get one thing straight: hospitality isn't easy. Gospel hospitality is downright gutsy. In an age of polarization, pundits and security concerns, gospel hospitality reveals mission for what it is — an extreme sport. Before leaping out on faith, it's surprising we aren't asked to sign a disclaimer. If we did, it might read something like this:

In committing to offer God's welcome, I am free to engage in gospel hospitality at its relational, eye-opening, life-changing and, yes, risky best.

Mardell Johnson (left) made Ann Tews
Mardell Johnson (left) made Ann Tews feel welcome at Pilgrim Lutheran Church, St. Paul, Minn. (See No. 7.)
I hereby indemnify and hold harmless myself, fellow members and newcomers with respect to any loss of comfort zones or damage to previously assumed ideas. I hereby release myself and others to God's grace, understanding that results are not guaranteed.

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