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Dishin' for hunger

Here's an idea for June: Host a potluck!

What began as a "sheer time-waster" quickly turned into a project that could potentially raise $4.6 million for ELCA World Hunger.

Two years ago, Kimberly S. Conway, pastor of Epiphany Lutheran Church, Dale City, Va., and Michael L. Poole Jr., pastor of Messiah Lutheran, Urbana, Ohio, found themselves playing a virtual potluck game on Facebook with their friends and other alumni of Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio. They exchanged cyber Jell-O creations, green bean casseroles and other covered dishes.

michael d. watson"At one point, I was receiving 20 to 30 dishes a day. It was absolutely irrelevant and a sheer time-waster," Conway said. "I commented, 'Why don't we spend our time and energy feeding people who are hungry rather than passing these things around on Facebook?' "

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