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Anti-Christ talk

According to a Harris Interactive Poll of 2,320 adults, 24 percent of Republican voters, 13 percent of independents and 6 percent of Democratic voters said President Barack Obama may be the anti-Christ.

Researchers said the poll was done to seek verification of themes in John Avlon's book Wingnuts.

Avlon said the Harris Poll was a wake-up call "about the real costs of using fear and hate to pump up hyperpartisanship. ... We are playing with dynamite by demonizing our president and dividing our country in the process."




Posted at 2:44 pm (U.S. Eastern) 5/2/2010

I'm saddened but somehow not surprised at these figures.  There's a lot of demonization going on out there, against  Democrats, "liberals" (a pejorative) and especially against the President.  I would hope that a significant number of Lutherans are not involved but I'm not holding my breath.

Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith

Posted at 8:33 pm (U.S. Eastern) 5/2/2010

Oh dear....after years of leftists calling their opponents "nazi"s "fascists", etc, are you disturbed about a questionable poll showing some people view the so-called 'president' as the anti-christ?  

As for me, I see Obama not as "the anti-christ", but only as another evil marxist statist.  But when you read the book of Revelation's description of the anti-christ, and how he is worshipped and adored and proclaimed as savior, and then compare this to the religious cult which was created around Obama complete with children being taught to sing psalms of praise to him, and some idiots even praying to him, one does see that if a literal anti-christ ever does come, it will most likely be something like this.



Posted at 3:58 pm (U.S. Eastern) 5/3/2010

Stuart, I think you're over the top with these polarized opinions.  I don't know any "leftists" who have been branding their opponents Nazis or Facists nor do I know of voters for Obabma terming him "Savior" or "worshiping" him.  Maybe some press spin could lead critics to believe that who then satirically put their own derisive spin on it (I think you know who the self-appointed cheerleaders are on that side).  Religious cult?  Psalms of praise?  Praying to him?  I hope you have GOOD documentation on these observations.  And what's with the "so-called President"? 

As for Revelations, you do realize don't you that it was written expressly for Jewish Christians 20 years after the destruction of the Temple and that it's a message of hope for those under continuing persecution by Rome?  That the Anti-Christ is probably Nero or other Roman emporer?  Also remember that until just recently, religious conservatives have been calling the Pope the Anti-Christ?  They've only backed off now becasue they have someone else to condemn and they need Catholics in their drive to a theocracy?  Guess who gets dumped if that ever happens, God forbod (pun intended)?

Political dialog has degenerated into name calling, sterotypical labeling, and much worse.  I would hope that my fellow Lutherans at least would avoid this divisiveness.

Web Manager

Web Manager

Posted at 4:10 pm (U.S. Eastern) 5/3/2010

Just a warning to keep the tone civil, here, folks.

Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith

Posted at 9:13 pm (U.S. Eastern) 5/4/2010

Richard, are you an astronaut?  Have you been on the International Space Station for the past few years that you have never seen the messianic movement the media created around Obama?  Or the school kids being taught to sing his praises, some even re-righting a song about Jesus and replacing Jesus' name with Obama?  Here are some videos for you.  Enjoy.






And you are unaware of the demonization of conservatives, from Janet "The Joke" Napolitano labing Tea Party demonstrators as "right wing extremists", or Pelosi speaking of town hall demonstrators as carrying swastikas {they weren't"} or Mayor Bloomberg suggesting that the Times Square bomber was someone who was against national healthcarte {a clear slap at those of us who oppose the unconstitutional take over of the industry}?  Even the poll you cited was commisioned b a group for a book called "WIngnuts", a smaerr attack on conservatives?  You leftists have a habit or projection.  You can alwas tell what mischief a leftist is up to by what he complains others are doing!  So if a leftist bemoans lack of "civility" in the political arena, it means he is being pretty uncivil himself. 

It ain't hard to find Richard.  Spend some time surfing the comments sections news stories or leftist blogs and you will see where the real smears are.  Tea party activists now have a new smear against them: Tea Klanners.  You leftists LOVE to play that race card ever chance you get, dontcha?  Are you familiar with Bill Maher's latest rant?  I doubt it.  How about psychotic Olberman? 

Moving right along...the book is called Revelation, not Revelations. And yes Richard, I know all about Nero {who was already dead when the book was written} and how Domitian was seen by some as Nero back from the dead.  All irrelevant.  The point is the anti-christ or "the beast" is a human being {..."for it is a human number"} who is a world political leader being fawned over and and praised as a savior, just as the Obama kool-aid drinkers and the mainstream media were doing throughout the campaign.  It is wholly beside the point whether or not one believes the Beast to be a future ruler, or a symbol, or merely a long dead figure from the past.  What IS the point is that Obama's media frenzy and messianic adulation look errily similar to this pattern.  I have already made it clear in the last post that I do not believe Obama is "the anti-christ", since I see "the anti-christ" as a symbolic personage.  But I do believe Obama is anti-christ, just as Leo was anti-christ in Luther's day, as Stalin was in the USSR, etc.

Oh, you asked about why I refer to him as 'the so-called "president" '.  I do not believe he is Consitutionally qualified to be president.  When he produces the birth certificate, I will call him 'president'.

Now, one last point.  I laugh at your invoking the old bogeyman of the religious right and our "drive to a theocracy".  Come on Richard....do you even know what a theocracy is?  Consider on the other thread how Janice and you apparently both support "economic justice" and "social justice".  Janice misquoted John the Baptist in support of socialism, while you invoked Acts and Matthew 25.  Do you see that you are attempting to make binding laws on ALL Americans on the basis of your personal reading of these passages?  Sounds to me like you are the theocrat Richard.       




Posted at 2:36 pm (U.S. Eastern) 5/5/2010

Per the admonition to keep it civil I'll give it one more try, Stuart.  Please do likewise.  And I'll correctly refer to the Revelation of St. John if you get my name right.

I'm not a liberal, more like a moderate, but certainly not a conservative.  It's pretty obvious where you come from--I've seen this cant too much in the onliine comments in my local newspaper (and others).   Interesting how it all sounds the same, make me wonder what script you all are preaching from.  Your extremist views haven't convinced me one bit.  You know I'm a Lutheran, are you?  Are you aslo a subscriber?

Again, I hope I've been civil enough, both to you and this forum.  I hope you regain some civility for your expounding on your edgy views, including to people in office.  Might I suggest that you find a more appropriate forum?

-- (signed) Robert

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