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'Better than Disneyland'

Discover the joys of family camping in one of the ELCA's outdoor ministry sites

Are we there yet?" Not even 15 minutes into our 500-mile drive across Tennessee, and already our two young boys had tired of license-plate Bingo. They began furiously pumping their fists up and down to goad passing truckers into blasting the horns of their 18-wheelers.

This was a family vacation with a twist. We had taken this week off to relax, reconnect with each other and renew our faith as individuals and as a family.

Across the nation, more and more people are seeking spiritual solace at family camps such as the one we attended at Lutheridge outside Asheville, N.C. Today the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America offers more than 50 such sites (of its 145 camps) with family-specific programs. Those camps offer adults and children unstructured free time and group activities as di verse as nature hikes, outdoor worship and crafts.

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