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Signs of the cross: Resurrection

As I was waltzing to the altar, the child's homily humbled me as it mirrored my recent children's focus/message of how and why the sign of the cross is my daily dance.

I touch my head to be in awe of God's caressing creation into life. God gives me the ability with my mind to know and appreciate the Lord's awesome wonders. Hand on head I recall Jesus' words from John's Gospel, of how all people need to respond to the loving call from the Father above.

I touch my belly button because Jesus had one too ("inny" or "outy" does not matter). Born for all people of the Virgin Mary, my Savior became human in order to completely understand us. In the depth (guts) of how I am, God knows me, redeeming all of the Lord's handiwork. Jesus loves all.

I touch my heart for that is where Christ chooses to dwell through the empowering, enlightening of the Spirit. This compassionate comforter is everywhere, abiding with those to my left (I reach out to my left shoulder) and to the right (I reach out to my right). My fist then gives my heart three taps, remembering in this relational rumba that I, too, will be resurrected like the Savior of the world on the third day.

Daily dancing this sign of the cross is a significant reminder of God's love — dying for all on Calvary. The tomb is empty, yet my cross-shaped life is full. We are surrounded by life-giving siblings who daily live the crucial resurrected life like this preschool preacher.


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