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A letter to the ELCA: Certainty

Living in the promise of resurrection

 Editor's note: Larson is a senior at Wartburg Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa. She and her husband, Ben, and Ben's cousin, Jonathan Larson, also seniors at Wartburg, were in Haiti when the earthquake struck. Ben did not survive. To listen to Ben's music (including "Certainty") visit the Muziboo Web site and search for "Ben Larson." 

Lately I've been listening to some of Ben's songs, which are infused with deep ponderings of life and the good news in Jesus Christ.

There is one song my husband wrote for me during systematic theology, and it begins like this: "If you are in search of certainty, then you are on the wrong ship. And if you are in search of control, then you are sailing in the wrong waters."

My life has been nothing but uncertain since Jan. 12, the day of the earthquake in Haiti. That day held unexpected, unwanted, heart-wrenching change when Ben died and I lived through the devastation of the earthquake (March, "Quake claim future pastor").

Nothing is the same for me.

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