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Wangari's Trees of Peace: A True Story from Africa

Jeanette Winter presents Wangari's Trees of Peace, a wonderful picture book biography about the environmentalist and 2004 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Wangari Maathai grows up under "an umbrella of green trees in the shadow of Mount Kenya in Africa."

Wangari's Trees of PeaceAfter studying in America for six years, she returns home to discover the trees have been cut down, leaving the land barren and without crops or birds. Maathai plants tree seedlings and convinces other women to do the same.

When the authorities want to cut down more trees, Maathai stands in their way and is put in prison. But by then the "Green Belt Movement" had spread with more than 30 million trees planted.

This book's text and colorful illustrations convey the message of reverence for the natural world and the ability of one person to change the way things are (Harcourt Inc.).


Llewellyn Hille

Llewellyn Hille

Posted at 2:38 pm (U.S. Eastern) 4/20/2010

The story of Wangari Maathai again demonstrates the power of doing the right thing with dedication and persistence.

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