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Now what? Tying faith to care of earth

How can I help my daughter connect environmental concerns to her faith?

Q: Like many children today, my elementary-aged daughter is deeply concerned about the environment. She's a die-hard recycler and always looks for ways to cut back on our trash at home. How can I help her connect these concerns to her faith?

designpicsA: Earth Day on April 22 is a perfect opportunity to reflect with your daughter on our Christian calling to be good stewards of God's creation.

By caring for the environment, we honor the gift of life that God has given the world and express our love for all creatures who call our planet home.

Talk about creation care as a rhythm of life that lets her act upon her love for God and neighbor.

Explore new ways of weaving this ethic more fully into your family's faith life, such as walking, riding bicycles or using public transportation to get to and from worship together.

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