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An Easter service that really was

What does "Easter service" mean? Most think of dressing up in Easter dresses and suits, special music and a sunrise worship service. But at Faith Lutheran Church, Hamilton, Mont., the words "Easter service" take on a whole new meaning.

Tanner Hanson displays some of the(cupcakes
Tanner Hanson displays some of the cupcakes that youth from Faith Lutheran Church, Hamilton, Mont., baked and decorated. Through "Kupcakes for Kids," Faith's youth provided fun to kids from abusive situations.
At Faith, service means "serving others." During Lent, the youth take on a service project in response to the sacrifice Jesus made for them.

Last year the youth contacted the director of SAFE homes, which provides places where families in abusive situations can stay. Quite a few children stay at the homes during the summer, so the director suggested that Faith's youth could make "fun packets" with activities to keep the kids entertained.

Their fundraiser was called "Kupcakes for Kids." Faith's confirmation class baked the cupcakes and the grade-school youth decorated them with crosses, coconut Easter grass, jelly beans and marshmallow Peeps. The cupcakes were boxed in Easter printed to-go boxes — three cupcakes for $3 — and sold on Palm Sunday. The youth suggested that parishioners could give the cupcakes as Easter gifts.

The event was a success, with all the cupcakes sold. The youth raised $400 with their sale and a coin drive in Sunday school.

Later they gathered to put together the packets, which included jump ropes, frisbees, balls, bubbles and passes to the local swimming pool.

"Our Easter service this year was indeed a service of hearts and hands sharing with others God's love," said Karla West, a member of Faith.


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