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Presentation programs for worship

A variety of companies have created programs specifically designed for worship needs that are relatively inexpensive, easy to use and blend all the advantages of video/image integration with the benefits of a projected hymnal.

While there are a number of excellent products out there like MediaShout, LiveWorship and SongShow Plus, one affordable option is EasyWorship. For $399 you can install the program on an unlimited number of computers; import PowerPoint files; auto cue DVDs by time; access Bible translations; and play a variety of video formats, including imports from YouTube. Basically, your computer becomes a control board, showing what slides or songs are being projected, while another window allows you to view a set service with different visual elements. An entire worship service can be assembled in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours on PowerPoint.

Most worship presentation software programs offer similar features, so check with neighboring congregations, find out what they use, and talk with their worship technologists to see what they recommend. Test drive free demo versions and you'll soon find what works best in your setting. Be sure the program is compatible with your church computers.


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