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Dakota Road strikes again

Wide range of music by band from Minnesota

Dakota Road has been popular in the ELCA for more than 15 years, playing at Youth Gatherings, synod assemblies and other events. Their seventh album, Break These Chains, offers a potpourri of
worship-oriented pop songs redolent with what John Denver once called "poems, prayers and promises."

The Minnesota group is led by Larry Olson and Hans Peterson, who also perform as solo artists. Dakota Road has a sound similar to that of many other praise bands that provide music for churches, but with two significant differences. First, their long tenure and professional musicianship lends a quality to their craft that justifies its national reputation. Second, they perform mostly original compositions, thus augmenting the church's resources of theologically sound and musically appealing hymnody.

The songs differ in style but all belong to the unassuming genre of adult contemporary pop music. Look elsewhere for electronica, grunge or hip hop: this album features no rapping, no screaming, no scorching guitars.

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