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... as this congregation focuses on 3 Rs: Respond, Return, Rejoice

A brittle bird's nest sits on top of Bettye Wolinski's bookcase at Community Lutheran Church, Frankford, Del. It's a gift from a member who said the backyard nest had served two families of birds and reminded her of the church.

"Birds miraculously re-created this nest," said Wolinski, pointing to the brilliant feathers that the second family had added to spruce it up after the original inhabitants moved out.

Bettye Wolinski, pastor of Community
Bettye Wolinski, pastor of Community Lutheran, Frankford, Del., is helping re-create the congregation, just as a second family of birds did with the nest that sits in her office as inspiration.
Community, with about 140 members, is re-creating itself too. Like so many other congregations, dwindling finances forced the church to examine itself. A "re-missioning," Wolinski calls it.

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