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CORE announces new church body

Releases proposal to create North American Lutheran Church

Saying they are done with efforts to reform the ELCA, leaders of Lutheran CORE (Coalition for Renewal) in mid-February released a proposal to create the North American Lutheran Church.

Nick kiriazisThe group said the proposal is a response to a request from COREELCA Churchwide Assembly's decisions on human sexuality.

leaders said they will work alongside the new denomination on evangelism, theological training and social services. Paull Spring, a former ELCA synod bishop who chairs the group's steering committee, said plans don't call for dissolving Lutheran CORE into the NALC.

The ELCA said it will continue to respond to congregations that have questions and concerns.

"The ELCA is a church focused on a vibrant Christ-centered mission and ministry," the ELCA 's statement said. The ELCA continues to carry out the directives of the Churchwide Assembly, the denomination's highest governing authority, and regrets the decisions "of a few congregations" to leave, according to the statement.
participants last September for a "reconfiguration of North American Lutheranism" that would be brought to its Aug. 26-27, 2010, gathering in Columbus, Ohio. The movement to form a church body follows the 2009




Posted at 5:06 pm (U.S. Eastern) 3/26/2010

I acknowledge the convictions of those behind CORE and NALC but I'm saddened that they feel it necessary to promote a schism.  They were not presented with "our way or the highway".  I hope that they are doing this out of personal and corporate conviction and not for "punishment".  I hope that they don't exclude other Lutherans (or visitors or others) because they may not subcribe to their viewpoint letter for letter.  Remember, those in your congregations may not have another church home to go to if you bolt the fold and "force" them to go with.

Gary Krumwiede

Gary Krumwiede

Posted at 2:58 pm (U.S. Eastern) 4/13/2010

The Lutheran CORE will join other judgemental religious organizations; spewing out their judgments and hate of others. All while claiming a devine knowledge from chapters in the bible written by men decades and centuries later.

The CORE will continuing to interpret to meet more religious non-inclusive banter; interpreting to meet their own outdated blindness.



Posted at 4:51 pm (U.S. Eastern) 4/17/2010

I'm sorry that this has had to happen. Unfortunately too many people in the ELCA's leadership have been led astray.

Frank Herold

Frank Herold

Posted at 1:41 pm (U.S. Eastern) 4/23/2010

I think CORE is on the right track, my wife and I are sorry we have felt it necessary to change churches.  We belonged to one of the best ELCA Lutheran churches around and joined a MC Lutheran Church.  We miss our frineds and services at Bethesda Lutheran Church.  But after all God wants us to use the narrow gate.

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