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'The Great Surprise'

It's Easter, more than ever

She couldn't afford to do it when I was little, so last fall my mom took me to Disney World's newest park, Animal Kingdom, for my birthday. Yes, she is that awesome.

Photodisc My favorite ride was the Kilimanjaro Safari. You get on an oversized jeep with about 25 other people and rumble across some of "Africa's" most stunning terrain. But it was the 6-year-old girl sitting behind me, squeezed between her parents, who made it such a wild and wonderful adventure. From the moment our journey began, she was jumping out of her skin with excitement. "Momdad, momdad, MOMDAD!" she shouted. "Look, look, LOOK at the lions! Do you see the elephants? Over there — it's a HIPPO!"

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