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Richard Hillert, composer, dies at age 86

He was the composer of the canticle "Worthy is Christ"

Richard Hillert, 86, a noted composer of church music, died at his home in Melrose Park, Ill., on Feb. 18. He is best known for his canticle on the text from Revelations, "Worthy is Christ," with its antiphon, "This is the feast of victory for our God." Known to many Christians simply as "This is the Feast," the canticle is published in more than 30 worship books of various denominations and sung weekly in worship services worldwide. The song was originally written as part of Setting One of Holy Communion, published in the Lutheran Book of Worship in 1978.

Richard Hillert
Richard Hillert
A teacher of composition, Hillert was a distinguished professor of music at Concordia University Chicago, in River Forest, Ill., from 1959 until 1993

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