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A test and a witness

Faith front & center in response to Haiti

Faith is both tested and witnessed in the midst of great suffering. In the devastation and chaos following the earthquake in Haiti, the people of that country — even while searching for and grieving loved ones — witnessed their faith as they sang God's praises and pleaded for God's mercy.

Their witness sustained Renee Splichal Larson as she spent agonizing hours separated from her husband, Ben.

When the quake struck, they had been on the third floor of the St. Joseph Home for Boys in Port-au-Prince. While Renee escaped serious injury, Ben was buried in the rubble (see "Quake claims future pastor"). In the days that have followed, she has borne witness to her faith and the confident hope that Ben, buried with Jesus in baptism, has also been set free from the power of sin and death and raised to new life in Jesus.

Fittingly, the place where Ben died and for two weeks was buried in the ruins was referred to as the "Resurrection Dance and Theatre Floor."

You also have witnessed to your faith through your generosity of gifts and constant prayers (see "Lutherans respond generously"). I give thanks to God for this lively and vital faith community, such as Martin Luther described in his Preface to Romans:

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