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'One who cared for us'

Lutheran Helen Frost was a missionary serving the native people of Alaska from 1926 to 1961. It's likely that only a few people know her exploits. Fortunately, one of the people who knows is Ross Hidy.

An ELCA pastor, Hidy is president of Lutheran Pioneer Press, which is dedicated to gathering the history of Lutheran ministry in the West. Helen Frost Memoirs: Frost Among the Eskimos is Hidy's fifth book, released this month, and one that he has spent years researching.

Why choose a woman working in an obscure region as a topic? "Her story is fascinating," Hidy said. "Anyone who would gladly share their life with the small village of Igloo, accepting the harsh cold of winter and traveling with the families to their fishing camps in the summer, is in my mind a genuine saint of God. She honored the natives, and the children named her Manashegut, the 'one who cared for us.' "

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