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Stones into Schools

Promoting Peace with Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Stones into Schools is a follow-up by Greg Mortenson to the best-seller Three Cups of Tea. The member of Christ the King Lutheran Church, Bozeman, Mont., writes of building a school in a tribal area of Afghanistan with the help of local authorities, including a former Taliban member.

Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace After a quake hit northern Pakistan in 2005, killing 18,000 schoolchildren, Mortenson shifted into relief work, setting up water delivery systems, temporary tent schools and three earthquake-proof schools.

U.S. military leaders have noticed this idealist's efforts. Soldiers deployed in the area tell Mortenson they want to be of service to the Afghan people, beginning with listening and building relationships.

"The goal of enhancing our own security is best achieved by enhancing theirs," the author says. "And the most critical building block to accomplishing both is education" (Viking).


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