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Now what? How do I help my teen with Lenten discipline?

Daughter is inspired by Roman Catholic friends to give up something for Lent

Q: My teenage daughter is inspired by her Roman Catholic friends who give up something for Lent each year. She wants to do this spiritual discipline too. How can I help direct her?

Young woman with ice-cream coneA: Giving up items of comfort during Lent is a practice that can give deeper meaning to this season of spiritual reflection.

Teach your daughter that the primary reason for following any Lenten discipline is to help her slow down and evaluate the habits and "stuff" in life that can compete with God for her attention.

Help her choose something appropriate, such as taking a hiatus from video games, soft drinks or text messaging.

Let her know that times of temptation and weakness are normal aspects of this experience, and that those moments are ideal opportunities to reflect on our deeper need for God.

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