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Congregation & bishop argue vote

Steven L. Ullestad, bishop of the Northeastern Iowa Synod, in January requested a meeting with the president of Zion United Lutheran, Clear Lake, Iowa, to discuss a disputed congregational vote on a resolution to leave the ELCA.

Ullestad claims the congregation's Dec. 13 initial vote didn't achieve the required two-thirds. Zion's leaders say the 238-119 vote is exactly two-thirds.But Ullestad said the vote is invalid because 366 members attended the meeting and the ELCA Constitution requires "a two-thirds majority of voting members present."

Three Zion members wrote to Ullestad questioning the vote. The bishop told the congregation he wouldn't begin a required consultation period with them that follows an initial vote.

Carole Roth, Zion's president, accused the bishop of accepting "hearsay" from unnamed individuals and demanded a public apology from him. At presstime she said she will meet with him and the required second vote will be taken in the spring.


B. Draeger

B. Draeger

Posted at 2:55 pm (U.S. Eastern) 3/2/2010

Enough already, lets put this to rest. God loves all of us regardless of gender.. Jesus never excluded ANYONE....

The devil must be laughing at how the Lultherans are fighting and arguing.. what kind of witness is this to society and our children.?

God Bless Us One and All, Bev

Martin Schneider

Martin Schneider

Posted at 5:26 pm (U.S. Eastern) 3/7/2010

I think what we may begin to start seeing is a more "legalistic" approach by the ELCA in dealing with conflicted Lutherans at the congregation level.

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