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Haiti relief comes naturally

It's difficult to fathom the death and destruction suffered by the people of Haiti: at least 1.7 percent of the population killed, 4.1 percent now in makeshift housing. If proportional devastation struck the U.S., that would mean 5.2 million deaths and 12.6 million seeking shelter. It didn't take too much pondering by the editors to hold our scheduled cover article for this issue (how the Bible is perceived in popular American culture) and focus on the Lutheran response in the aftermath of the Caribbean earthquake.

We offer a big-picture view of what our denomination does in crises such as this. At risk of sounding boastful, Lutherans are good at addressing emergencies and disasters. We're generous with our donations and institutionally structured to deliver aid and relief. As the cover story details ("Lutherans respond generously"), the ELCA works with several partners to deliver immediate relief and long-term recovery.

There's more to be found online. In "Disaster personal for ELCA leader" read how the director for ELCA International Disaster Response, Haiti-born Louis Dorvilier, was in South Africa working on the Lutheran Malaria Initiative when the earthquake struck. Or how Haitians in Lutheran congregations across the U.S. reacted to the disaster ("Thanks be to God"). Or how those involved in mission trips to the island nation witnessed the faith of the Haitian people ("Mission trips reveal faith of Haitians").

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