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In praise of pastor's kids, grandkids

My 4-year-old granddaughter, the daughter of pastors, was with us when I casually mentioned, "I may not go to church tomorrow." Rachel perked up — eyes wide — and asked, "You mean you have a choice whether or not to go to church?" Considerable time has passed. Rachel is in her last year at seminary and just married a seminary graduate.

Virginia Hodges
Louisville, Ky.
"So, we have a choice ... to continue to present the image of a perfect pastor and spouse team or to allow the children to start attending church."

Grandpa's godsuit?

Years ago when my father, a pastor, baptized my nephew, the baby's twin 3-year-old brothers were very interested in the baptism. After the service my father came out of church in a suit, and one of the twins asked him, "Grandpa, where is your 'godsuit'?"

Faith Pfeiffer
Kenosha, Wis.

Pastor's foot disease

The pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Fayetteville, Ark., asked his wife to buy some medicine for his athlete's foot. That evening when Grandma called, the little boy said, "Grandma, Daddy has acolyte's foot!"

Marnelle Thomsen
Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Converted by potluck

Our pastor's son wasn't tall enough to see over the counter at a potluck, so I asked him if I could fill his plate with hot dishes. He replied, "Why do we always have to eat hot dish?" I said, "We're Lutherans, and Lutherans have to eat hot dish. That's the rule." He replied, "I wish we were Catholic."

Marten Hanson
Zahl, N.D.
"I've changed my mind about wanting weekly feedback on my sermons."

Lutheran Church of the Amen

My husband is pastor of Christ the King Lutheran Church, Universal City, Texas. He ends his sermons by saying, "And all God's people say ...." "Amen." As we arrived at church my 2-year-old granddaughter said, "Look, Oma, Amen House." When my husband greeted us before worship my granddaughter said, "Opa, Amen!" I guess she was ready for the sermon to end.

Ruth Reitmeyer
Schertz, Texas

Answer this one

As I said bedtime prayers with my grandson, Mark, 5, he said, "You know we have to thank Jesus for everything, just everything." He began, "Thank you, Jesus, for being born on Christmas. Thank you, Jesus, for coming alive on Easter ...." Then he opened his eyes and asked me, "Did he do anything on Valentine's?"

Ruth Amundson
Vining, Minn.


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