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Mama, Will It Snow Tonight?

All things come in their right time

It is winter in Mama, Will It Snow Tonight? by Nancy White Carlstrom with illustrations by Paul Tong, and the young ones are curious as to whether it will snow. A fox, hare and little girl are united in their question.

Mama, Will It Snow Tonight?The mother of each is patient, knowing that all things come in their right time. They are also good at reading the signs of nature. It's almost time for it to snow: "The wind is brrr. The bushes bare. The berries picked." All the mothers look up at the moon and recognize another indication that snow will come soon.

This delightful picture book is aimed at children ages 5 to 8. It celebrates the joys of the natural world, the connections between humans and animals, and the wisdom of mothers (Boyds Mills Press).


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