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Forgiveness: One Step at a Time

The process of forgiveness is like a dance

Forgiveness: One Step at a Time is a creative, constructive and illuminating resource by Joseph Sica on one of the major elements of the Christian faith.

Forgiveness: One Step at a Time<BR> After 25 years of ministry and pastoral counseling, Sica is convinced that more than 90 percent of troubled relationships stem from an unwillingness or inability to forgive. This comes as no surprise considering the cultural support given to rage, revenge and payback in movies, novels and other forms of media.

One of the freshest dimensions of this paperback is the author's many references to movies that lift the spirit, such as Avalon, Rain Man and On Golden Pond. Sica uses the metaphor of a dance to describe the steps involved in the process of forgiveness: handling injury, getting stuck, loving confrontation, patching up and reaping the benefits.

With grace and imagination, Sica sheds light on how to set up emotional boundaries, release ourselves from hurts and get rid of soul sludge (Twenty-Third Publications).


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