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Tweeting with 'newlutheran'

A Q-and-A in 140 characters or fewer

Clint Schnekloth, cover story author, interviews Michael Wright, 30, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Alpharetta, Ga., who blogs about his experience of being a new Lutheran at www.newlutheran.com.

@schnekloth: How did you get started as a new Lutheran and a blogger?

: I was bugging my wife with all my questions. Blogging & social networking became great outlets for me to converse with others.

@schnekloth: What have you learned tweeting and blogging to Lutherans?

: That I'm not alone. It's easy to forget how big and diverse the church is when all you see is your congregation.

@schnekloth: What's your best advice for those just starting to tweet?

: The power of these tools is in their ability to facilitate community. Engage others. Generate discussion. Participate!

@schnekloth: Summarize your best blog post for us.

: One that addressed the need for vision, identity and community when churches use online technologies.

@schnekloth: What does it mean to you to be a new Lutheran? A new Lutheran blogger?

: I think it gives me an inquisitiveness about things some may take for granted.


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