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If social networking remains a mystery, here's some advice

If social networking remains a mystery to you but you're curious or willing to give it a try, here's some advice: Just try it. You'll figure it out.

Woman using computer in a cafeYou don't need to take a class to understand Facebook or other social networking sites. Generally they're simple and self-explanatory, and most (like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter) don't require a credit card, Social Security number or other financial information to register. Almost all get the majority of their revenue from advertising.

It's like learning to play an instrument. If you wanted to learn how to play the guitar, eventually you simply need to sit down with the instrument and pluck. The same goes for Facebook. Visit www.facebook.com. Create an account. Follow the steps. Point and click and play.

You'll likely find some relatives and former classmates. And you'll be able to rekindle relationships with long-lost neighbors and friends.

You may discover that your church, local organizations or causes you believe in have group or fan pages. Join a group. Become a fan.

If you "friend" your children or grandchildren, you'll get notified on your page when they post status updates or photos. A growing number of parents and grandparents stay updated about and in touch with family members this way.


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