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Fill it up

Lutheran school helps cover a dome floor with food

Food stacked up at Oak Grove Lutheran School, Fargo, N.D. Not only did students collect stacks of canned and nonperishable items — 14,340 pounds, in fact — but they stacked the food to create buildings.

Peter Frei (left) and Paul Berg add
Peter Frei (left) and Paul Berg add canned goods to the food pyramid the senior class at Oak Grove Lutheran School, Fargo, N.D., constructed for the CANstruction competition.
Oak Grove, an ELCA-affiliated school, held a CANstruction competition for its middle- and high-school students as an incentive to collect a lot of food for Fill the Dome. Each grade chose eight students to create a structure out of their donations in 20 minutes. The classes were judged on creativity, teamwork and spirit.

The junior class won with their replica of the University of Nebraska's football stadium in Lincoln. For their effort, they received a meal catered by faculty and staff and earned a half day off from school for a class activity. The class also collected the most food — 6,589 pounds.

Oak Grove was one of about 50 schools to help cover the floor of the Fargodome (80,000 square feet) for Fill the Dome. The effort was started in 2007 when student council leaders from Fargo-Moorhead high schools formed the Metro Student Council Ambassadors. To highlight their senior year, they created Fill the Dome to supply food to area pantries and shelters.

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