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Short on substance, long on fluff

Magazine fails to deliver

I am becoming increasingly disgusted with The Lutheran. The cover of October looked like a tabloid with the half-dressed teenager with attitude, November with its stamp and patriarchy right out of a 1980s "progressive" magazine, and the worst came with December. Is an ornament that is nonreligious showing a globe with the continents in keeping with the holy season? The lineup of articles in this issue contained no substance, unless you are very interested in changing Lutheran practices and even beliefs to fit the foreign country, "global south" and/or its economy. Three months after votes on sexuality by the Churchwide Assembly, I have gotten over most of the anger and the gut-wrenching pain, but I feel wounded. The December issue offered only short fluff features while I looked for the hope that I badly needed.

Bonnie C. Roach
New Bern, N.C.

She'll be watching

Thank you for the issue that examined patriarchy (November) from three different perspectives. How ironic it is that before the ink was dry The Lutheran lost its cherished managing editor and the author of one of those articles, Sonia Solomonson. Let us hope her valuable voice continues to be heard through some other avenue and that the perspective of women continues to be heard at The Lutheran. I, for one, will be reading very closely.

Vicki Menck
Rolling Meadows, Ill.

No more on sex issues

Read your article on patriarchy (November) twice. We do not need any more social statements on any subject related to sex. After the ill-advised social statement on gay and lesbians at the 2009 Churchwide Assembly, I just hope and pray the ELCA will still be a viable Lutheran church body in 2015.

Robert T. Madsen

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