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Making the most of a meal

Eating healthy on $5 a day

Ilga Winicov Harrington, a Latvian- born immigrant to the U.S., still recalls growing up poor and barely having enough money for food as a college student.

Ilga Winicov Harrington
Ilga Winicov Harrington
Still it took plenty of research and planning when she revisited that reality while writing How to Eat Healthy and Well for Less than $5.00 a Day: The Smart and Frugal Food Plan.

It wasn't easy, said Harrington, a member of Nativity Lutheran Church, Rockport, Maine, and a retired research professor from Arizona State University, Tempe. But she was able to create menus of three healthy meals a day for the price of a frozen coffee drink at a chain café.

Harrington got the idea after reading a story in The Lutheran about two graduate students who tried to eat for a week on the average Food Stamp allotment of $1 a day ("Food stamp simulation proves challenging ," February 2008). "They got terribly frustrated and quit," she said. "But people without a lot of money can't quit, or they will go hungry."

With the economic downturn, she thought it was the ideal time to provide tips on how to save money on food.

"I wasn't sure it could be done at first, but it can," Harrington said. "And these meals taste good and are nutritious."


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