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The Mitten Tree

Children's book celebrates giving from the heart

Old Sarah lives alone and spends her spare time watching the children outside playing in the snow — except for one boy. He doesn't have mittens.

Best this month She knits him a pair and hangs them on the old spruce tree by the school bus stop. The boy is happy when he finds them. Sarah knits mittens for other kids and begins to see them as her new family.

One day she discovers a basket on her porch filled with yarn. She accepts this mysterious gift just as the children accept the mittens without knowing who knit them.

The circle of kindness and generosity goes around. The Mitten Tree, a delightful children's book by Candace Christiansen and illustrated by Elaine Greenstein, celebrates giving from the heart with no need for recognition or applause (Fulcrum Publishing).


Patty A.

Patty A.

Posted at 4:34 pm (U.S. Eastern) 1/24/2010

Wonderful story--and not just for children!  Very important lesson for us all!

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