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Unfinished business

What have you left unsaid to those who matter to you?

All of us will go to our graves with unfinished business. I'm not writing about business like a will or living will. Such matters are essential, of course.

Staples, currently on disability, writes What I want to share resulted from questions posed by my psychological counselor: "What unfinished business do you have? Is there anything you need to say to or learn from others you care about, or who care about you?" The questions gave me pause.

I'd just completed 11 months of counseling to help me through emotional struggles with the disabling effects of allergy asthma. I hadn't been prepared for the transition that began more than a year ago at age 63. I had always been physically and vocationally active, in part working as a writer, editor and in education. I wrote about the early pluses and minuses of this change in The Lutheran ("My retirement detour," November 2008).

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