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Taking a page from Book of Faith leaders

Here's how they encourage the ELCA Bible initiative

Individuals, congregations, synods, small groups and other ministries of the ELCA have embraced the church's Book of Faith initiative. That's no surprise, said Joyce Jungemann, a member of Faith Lutheran Church, Sarasota, Fla. When the initiative to increase biblical literacy and fluency was announced in 2007, she believes many were longing to meaningfully explore Scripture.

Rick Culpepper/Courtesy of Faith Lutheran
Stephen Winemiller, pastor of Faith Lutheran , Sarasota, Fla. (center), leads the congregation in confession during a dedication service for its 26,000-square-foot Faith Community Center. At this worship service, as well as Book of Faith dinners hosted by members, the congregation is encouraging people to read and study Scripture.
"The Lutheran worship service focuses on the word and the meal," she said. "For us, this is the return to the reading of Scripture in our homes and in small groups, not just during the worship service."

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