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Practices for the 'piety-impaired'

Gregory F.A. Pierce describes himself as a Christian who is uncomfortable with public displays of religiosity on the job. Yet he finds much in his daily work that connects to his faith. Call him "piety-impaired" — his own term for folks like himself who want to practice workplace spirituality but haven't known what to do. "How do you practice it (workplace spirituality) without going back to going on retreat, reading the Bible every day or joining a study group?" he asked.

Answers came via an e-mail group the Chicago businessman started three years ago called Faith and Work that eventually involved 500 members. Many were as frustrated as Pierce with spirituality "based on silence, solitude and simplicity," he said.

He shares his insights and those of many of the e-mail group for workplace disciplines in his book, Spirituality@work: 10 ways to balance your life at work (Loyola Press, 2001). Among them: "Make a list of the various 'blessings' that your work brings you. Spend a few minutes each month updating that list. As you do so, reflect on the quality you are putting into your work."


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