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License plate pulled

A federal district court ruled a South Carolina license plate with a cross and the words "I believe" is unconstitutional, overturning a state law known as the I Believe Act. Cameron McGowan Currie, a U.S. district judge, said the law gave "state endorsement not only of religion in general but of a specific sect in particular." A South Carolina license plate that reads "In God We Trust" was different, according to the court.


Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller

Posted at 2:06 pm (U.S. Eastern) 1/6/2010

This kind of political correctness will be the death of our nation and our freedoms.

Jesus come quickly!



Posted at 8:03 pm (U.S. Eastern) 1/16/2010

I looked for a letter from our Bishop Hansen condeming this action. Guess what I couldn't find one. I did see where he wrote many letters supporting such things as Gays in Uganda, Illegal immigration and supporting the Global Warming crowd. You need to come to the realization Stephen, if you're looking for any involvement from the ELCA dealing with attacks on Christianity they're too busy with Political Correctness.

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