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Gay bishop for L.A.

Mary Glasspool, an Episcopal priest in a same-gender relationship, was elected in December as suffragan (assistant) bishop of the Episcopal Church Diocese of Los Angeles. If confirmed by Episcopal bishops, she will be the church's second openly gay bishop. Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, head of the Anglican Communion, said her election "raises very serious questions, not just for the Episcopal Church and its place in the Anglican Communion but for the communion as a whole." Susan Russell, past president of Integrity USA, an Episcopal gay advocacy group, said Williams "was fanning the flames of homophobia."




Posted at 3:52 pm (U.S. Eastern) 1/12/2010

Concidering what gays went through at Dachau; concidering what Gay and Straight Clergy went through at Dachau; Concidering CONTINUED hate that matches the hate of Hitler, Himmler et al, it's about time that we honor a gay person in Los Angeles as bishop. Miep Gies died today! She helped save Anne Frank and others until the Gestapo took them away. Otto Frank only survived. Thinking of this today, let's applaud the approval of this Gay bishop. Thousands of Priests died in the concentration camps died along with so many uncount gay men. Himmler's view of Gay men being less than animals is held by religious people today--even in this church--although they would couch their language. No wonder I gave up on the Lutheran ministry years ago. I still have my late father's USA Military MP ID Card For Dachau as well as an SSs leather map case. Physical momentos of a reality which so-called decent men inflicted upon others. Man must search for an ethical value theory--a growth in values--and installing this Gay as bishop points the direction away from a time such as Dachau where race was the total value theory. Heaven hep those that still hate those wearing their pink triangles. Where is their development of a sustainable value theory?

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