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Leaders seek prayers, support

Two former ELCA presiding bishops asked members via a December e-mail to pray for church unity and mission and to contribute financial gifts to support the ELCA. "Our troubled world needs the good news of the gospel and all that flows from it," wrote Herbert W. Chilstrom and H. George Anderson. "Our differences must not divide us at a time like this. We are absolutely certain that we can continue to live together and serve as one family in the ELCA." They noted that some members were disappointed with the decisions regarding human sexuality made at the 2009 Churchwide Assembly, but both said they believe those actions "were the right decisions."


Richard W.

Richard W.

Posted at 8:09 pm (U.S. Eastern) 1/7/2010

I wonder if the Bishops would have taken the same attitude if the outcome were reversed. Not long ago the first vote of the CCM issue didn't turn out like the ELCA Leadership wanted. They did not talk of getting along because of the vote. Instead they directed this vote be taken again until they achieved the outcome they wanted. This is the great thing about modern media. All one has to do is minor research and the past is easily accesible. Make no mistake, had this vote gone the other way, there would be no plea from previous leaders to get along. There would be finger pointing and a promise to vote on this again.

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