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Addressing our restlessness

God does the unexpected: A Savior is born

Restless. There is a restlessness in the church, in the land, in many souls. It is difficult to identify its source, perhaps because it springs forth from many places.

People feel restless when they are told the economic downturn has leveled off, yet they and those they love continue to face unemployment, foreclosures, depleted retirement resources and diminishing hope.

I sense a growing restlessness in this church. Some are wearied by the seeming preoccupation with human sexuality. Some wonder if they still belong, while others wait for the full implementation of the Churchwide Assembly's actions.

Restlessness often follows unmet expectations: of leaders, of God, of ourselves. At a recent theological conference, someone shared this helpful statement: "Unspoken expectations are resentments in waiting."

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