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Going home for Christmas

If we get lost in the question, we'll miss the way

Are you going home for Christmas?" The question is everywhere in the air. It must somehow be hard-wired into us — this feeling of wanting to "go home." Because even if home wasn't so great when you were a child, you probably still want it when December rolls around. Why is that?

designpics What does home actually mean? The meaning of Christmas is pretty clear, but maybe not home. Christmas, of course, is about Jesus coming to be born as one of us, to be at home in what we are, to be born in us. Medieval theologian Meister Eckhart said this becomes personal when we consider ourselves to be like the innkeeper in Bethlehem on that first day: Will you make room for the Son of God tonight?

When it comes down to it, I think we want to go home not so much because we miss Mom's casseroles or Dad's bad jokes, but because especially at this time of year we yearn inside to make more room in the inn, in our hearts, for the One who saves us.

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