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Will our children be generous?

Here's how to help them 'get' giving

There are no guarantees that generous parents will raise generous children. Even parents who intentionally practice and teach faithful stewardship habits cannot be assured their children will be equally motivated to be good stewards in their adult years.

But there are things parents can do to influence their children's attitudes and actions as co-stewards of the household. The annual "What do you want for Christmas?" routine is a prime time.

Parents need not become the Grinches who deny Christmas. Rather, they can aim for a better balance between their children's focus on what they'll get for Christmas with additional focus on what they have to give to others.designpics

The Christmas season provides wonderful opportunities to talk about how we give to others in response to God's gift of the Christ Child. Encourage your children to think of ways they can give — using their own resources of time, talent and a portion of whatever financial assets pass through their hands.

Of course generosity shouldn't be limited to the holiday season. These ideas can instill your values of generosity in your children at all times.

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