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Workshop asks, 'What is God up to?'

Anine-city touring workshop, "Treasure in Clay Jars, the Renewable Organization for Faith-Based Groups" kicked off at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago on Oct. 8.

Offered by A Renewal Enterprise Inc., the workshop introduces participants to a postmodern approach to renewable and sustainable practices for faith-based organizations. It suggests a four-step cycle of "discover, decide, do and debrief" to move congregations and others to do what matters to them.

ELCA member Kelly Fryer, a founder of the organization, emphasized the need to ask the question, "What in the world is God up to and how can we help?"

The workshop drew participants from several Midwest states whose careers are related to the church. Carla Thompson Powell, a pastor of Ebenezer Lutheran Church, Chicago, was one. She said: "It's far too easy to become complaisant in the church and to keep pumping out the same thing. A topic like this is important and helps me think differently and shake things up. It's not just a paradigm shift that I'm looking for — but a paradigm earthquake."


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