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Freedom to fail

The wooded trails, the clear sky and the sound of birds all created a reflective mood. A multitude of worship times and the silence I practiced enhanced this experience as well. I was at the Abbey of Gethsemani south of Bardstown, Ky., on a retreat.

One of the books upon which I reflected was Out of Solitude by theologian Henri Nouwen. He writes that when Jesus went off to pray, he became aware that all he did came from his Father. In the lonely place Jesus was made free to fail, Nouwen said.

From this experience a meditation came to me. My solitude and relationship with God allow me the freedom to fail because the results belong to God too. First, we must have solitude and a relationship with God that comes from daily prayer, reflection and Bible study. Secondly, when we are guided to do ministry for God in Jesus' name, we don't have to worry about failing. The results all belong to God.

As Christians, we are in the world—but not of it. Thus we have to do certain things to survive and live in the world. However, in striving for God's kingdom we must look to Jesus as our guide. Jesus wasn't afraid of failing because everything he did came from God.

My time at this retreat opened my spirit to realize that being faithful was enough because the results belong to God, not us. We have the freedom to risk even failure because of our solitude and relationship with God. We don't try to fail, of course, but when we are faithful to our call as disciples we realize that the ultimate outcome is in God's hands.


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