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Film caputres the innocence and wonder of childhood

This charming animated feature film has been loosely adapted from The Little Mermaid. Japanese writer and director Hayao Miyazaki presents the satisfying life of 5-year-old Sosuke, who lives by the sea in a house on the cliff with his mother and father, a pilot on a cargo ship. One day he finds a goldfish with a face that almost looks human. He names her Ponyo and vows to protect her. The goldfish's father, who has powers over the sea creatures, retrieves her. But Ponyo escapes back to land and takes on the form of a little girl.

Sosuke and his mother drive out during
Sosuke and his mother drive out during a storm, searching for Ponyo - the goldfish-turned-girl who the little boy befriends.
This delightful film reminds us of childhood days of innocence and wonder. We empathize with Sosuke's delight in having Ponyo to love and take care of. We marvel with him at the force and beauty of the sea. His world is one of joy and appreciation, and we soon know why Ponyo wants to grow up with Sosuke as her special friend (Walt Disney - G).


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