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ELCA income up

During 2000, ELCA income exceeded expenses by $2.9 million, said Richard McAuliffe. The ELCA treasurer presented his report March 3 at the ELCA Conference of Bishops meeting.

Total income was $84.3 million in 2000, up nearly 2 percent from the previous year, McAuliffe said. Expenses for 2000 were $81.4 million, up 1 percent.

Income from congregations through synods increased $1.4 million over 1999 to total $69.4 million.

Giving to the ELCA World Hunger Appeal was $15.9 million, a slight decrease from a record high of $16 million in 1999, the appeal's 25th anniversary year, McAuliffe said. Giving to the ELCA disaster response fund amounted to $2 million compared to $6 million in 1999.

Among the churchwide units, the Division for Global Mission expended $15,978,504 and the Division for Outreach, $14,816,656.

Responding to the report, South Dakota Synod Bishop Andrea DeGroot-Nesdahl asked if some congregations' withholding or redirecting of mission support to protest the ELCA's full communion agreement with the Episcopal Church was affecting overall financial figures.

Some impact has been reported in a few synods from such actions, McAuliffe said.

Last November, the Office of the Treasurer reduced spending authorizations based on lowered income estimates for 2001. But the original amounts were restored after higher than previously anticipated income from synods.


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