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Teens' Facebook posts risque

Q: I’ve noticed risqué postings on Facebook from church teens. What should I do?

A: Online social networking gives teens anew forum for self-expression — for better or worse. A Common Sense Media poll found that more than one-third of U.S. teens have posted information they later regretted.

Don’t ignore worrisome posts — especially if you see a pattern. Instead, discreetly talk to the teen’s parents. Focus on the content, not the teenager. If this conversation would be too uncomfortable, privately speak with your youth minister or pastor. You might also volunteer to lead a short, intergenerational Sunday school class about the dos and don’ts of social networking.


Millican Stephanie

Millican Stephanie

Posted at 3:45 pm (U.S. Eastern) 11/10/2009

I have a wide variety of friends from where I live now and where I lived a year ago. Some are church friends, some are relatives, some are music friends and some are from my circle of friends in recovery. Needless to say...there is a wide variety of self-expression among by contacts. Being a retired teacher, I reply to the degree I feel most comfortable acc. to what my beliefs lead me to share. I let go of the other stuff. 

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