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1 in 4 are Muslim

Nearly 1 in 4 of the world's people practice Islam, according to a report from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. The exact number — 1.57 billion — is a first for a population whose size was previously estimated at anywhere from 1 billion to 1.8 billion. The report also tracked where Muslims live, revealing, for example, that Asia is home to 60 percent of adherents, China has more followers than Syria, and Germany has more than Lebanon. About 2.1 billion to 2.2 billion people are Christians.


Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller

Posted at 3:50 pm (U.S. Eastern) 10/29/2009

It is so important for Christians to understand that Islam is a false religion and Allah is a false god, and muslims need our prayers, that they would be saved by Christ.

TV, magazines, Oprah and the world in general like to tell everyone that there are many paths to the Kingdom of God, and that Islam is another path to salvation, and that we all worship the same god.  That is a lie from Satan.

Jesus said the path is narrow, and that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  (not "A" way...THE way.)

When I read in The Lutheran about Lutheran churches providing prayer rooms for muslims, etc., I cringe because they are opening themselves up to a false religion.  We have to be on our guard against that. 

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