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May 2001 For the Record

Commission for Multicultural Ministries steering committee
Chicago, Feb. 23-24

•Discussed support for new ethnic-specific missions and the time it takes to transform them into self-supporting congregations. Bob Hoyt, Division for Outreach, told the committee that the division was "committed to making ministries work" regardless of the time taken to become self-sufficient.
•Resolved to pray for Christians and other people living in Iraq.

Division for Church in Society board
Chicago, Feb. 22-24

Requested a study by staff of justice issues related to gay and lesbian people.
Approved a 2001-2003 vision statement that emphasizes working to end poverty and hunger.
Asked division staff to develop a message about the commercial sexual exploitation of youth for consideration at its October meeting.

Commission for Women steering committee
Chicago, March 9-11

Asked the ELCA Office of the Bishop to appoint a task force to help the commission develop a strategy to address sexism in the church.
Adopted a 10-year focus on anti-sexism, nonviolence, advocacy and leadership.

Division for Global Mission board
Mundelein, Ill., March 16-18

Asked division staff to develop a statement of commitment to human rights for consideration at its March 2002 meeting.
Asked the divisions for Global Mission and Church in Society to strengthen education and advocacy efforts related to the conflict in the Middle East.


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