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Genuine' good food

Academic couple turns to farming

As academics, Rob and Tammy Faux (pronounced fox) are more comfortable in a classroom than a field of vegetables. At least that was true. But now the members of Grace Lutheran Church, Tripoli, Iowa, farm 14 acres nearby. They can grow organic tomatoes as well as they can expand minds.

Just how did the Genuine Faux Farm start?

Rob and Tammy Faux take a break from
Rob and Tammy Faux take a break from fall planting. Lettuce, radishes, arugula and peas thrive in cool weather.
“We both have doctorates and were looking to teach at the same small college. But it’s not likely you can find two open positions at the same school at the same time,” Rob said. “There was a social work position at Wartburg College , Waverly, Iowa, and Tammy got it. But there was no computer science position.”

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