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Council recommends CCM exception to Churchwide Assembly

ELCA Church Council weaves path between ELCA unity and full communion commitments

After an hour and a half of discussion, the ELCA Church Council approved a constitutional bylaw change that allows for exceptions to ordination procedures required by Called to Common Mission. This action responds to the theological objections raised over the requirement in the ELCA-Episcopal Church full communion agreement that pastors be ordained by bishops who are in the historic episcopate.

The bylaw change, which in August will be presented to the Churchwide Assembly for approval, allows a synod bishop "in unusual circumstances" to provide for ordination by another ELCA pastor. The bylaw calls on the synod bishop to consult with the presiding bishop and the synod council prior to authorizing such an ordination. The bylaw further says the decision "shall be in accordance with policy developed by the Division for Ministry, reviewed by the Conference of Bishops and adopted by the Church Council." The council also adopted that policy document.

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