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The Puppet Posse

Winnie Maze of St. Paul Lutheran Church , Westerville, Ohio, became interested in puppets as she observed her children watching Sesame Street and the Muppets. “These quirky little characters had the ability to teach important messages,” Maze said. “I thought, ‘Why not the gospel?’ ” 

Andrea Haugtvedt, a high school senior
Andrea Haugtvedt, a high school senior (with Alice), has been a member of the Puppet Posse since fourth grade, and Michael Kowaleski, a sophomore (with Elvis), since sixth grade.
So 18 years ago Maze became director of the Puppet Posse, now based at St. Paul. Using puppets, youth share the good news through skits, traditional hymns with a twist and parodies on familiar tunes. They perform at community and church events, retirement homes and homeless shelters. For example, they kicked off Sunday school at St. Paul this year. And they recently traveled to Chicago to perform at Our Savior Lutheran Church and to entertain senior citizens at the St. Paul House.

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