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Lutherans watch California fires

Lutherans in Southern California monitored the August and September fires in Los Angeles County, which began Aug. 26.

There were about 20 active fires in California, the largest of which was the Station Fire measuring more than 200 square miles. “That’s larger than the City of Chicago, I’m told,” said Tempie D. Beaman, Lutheran Disaster Response coordinator for Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest, Los Angeles.

“The governor has declared a state of emergency for Los Angeles County and other counties in the state to ensure that firefighting resources are available,” Beaman said.

Eight Lutheran congregations are located within the fire area, several with members who were evacuated, she said. At presstime there was no information regarding members or churches that lost property.

“We’re in fire season all year long given the drought conditions of the past three years,” Beaman said, adding that recovery services for fires in 2007 have just closed.

Recovery services for 2008 fires may continue into the early part of 2010.


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